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Solid-ink Coding Machine

Description of MY-380F Solid-ink Coding Machine:
MY-380F solid-ink coding machine fit for printing label on paper, thin cardboard, plastic film and aluminum foil. Adopt solid-ink coding, characterized by high definition, instant printing & instant dry, various colors selectable and strong adhesion.

Features of MY-380F Solid-ink Coding Machine:
1. Adopt photoelectric mechanism technology, automatic temperature control, auto counting, adjustable print position.
2. The printing roller equipped to the machine can be used for both R arrange and T arrange of types. For types in T arrange, the machine can print 1-10 lines with 1-10 characters in each line. For types in R arrange, the machine can print 1-8 lines with 1-8 characters in each line. Types in sizes of 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm are available as option.
3. Work efficiently and automatically at high speed, up to 30pcs per minute.

Parameters of MY-380F Solid-ink Coding Machine:

  MY-380F MY-380F/W
Voltage(V/Hz) AC 220/50  110/60
Power(W) 180
Solid Ink Roller(mm) 35×32   35×16
Printing Speed(pcs(/min) ≤300
Object Size(mm) L:50-500 W:30-190 L:50-550 W:30-300
Max. Printing Line T Arrange(10.5PT):11Lines (Max.10 characters/line)
R Arrange(10.5PT):8Lines(Max.8 characters/line)
Printing Size(mm) Within 60-250
Type Size(mm) 2×1.5( 8PT )  2.5×2(9PT)  3×3(10.5PT)  4×2.5(18PT)
External Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 440×345×300 440×465×300
Net Weight(Kg) 23 26

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